Ameritek Traders is an international trading merchant with offices in USA, Canada and Pakistan. We deal in textile, computer hardware, eatable commodities and metals. We have an established team of highly skilled professionals each having their own area of expertise. With such a diverse background, we are uniquely positioned to trade for best products at the most affordable prices globally.

Who We Are?

When it comes to international trading, there is nothing more important than maintaining a zenith of ethical standards. To us ethics is not just about doing what is legal. While staying within the confines of laws and regulations, we strive for that which is not just permissible but also moral. We take extra care of our clients and consider them to be part of our family of international network. This helps us in taking extra care of their interests. As an international commerce company we are only as strong as the weakest link of our chain. Hence, we strive for establishing a high level of ethical standard in our dealings and are recognized by just that as mentioned in our slogan: “Our Signature our Ethics”

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Our Team

Muhammed Aamir

Sr. Director – Marketing & Client Engagement

Aamir has over 30 years of textile experience ranging from import of cotton yarn all the way to designing and packaging of value added garments, hosiery and towels. He holds an advanced degree in textile design. He has led multiple textile factories of Pakistan in a variety of capacities. Be it technicalities of cotton ginning or client engagement at international expos, Aamir has been known to leave a lasting impression on our clients.

Rizwan Ahmed Khan

Sr. Director – Americas East Operations

Rizwan has over 20 Years of experience in a variety of industries ranging from Automotive to Finance & Accounting. He holds advanced degrees in Automotive Technology as well as Corporate Accounting. He has been a successful leader in all the organizations that he has led in North America. Among his many skills, he is best known for extreme curiosity for continuous process improvement as well as a hawk-eye approach towards detail.

Eslam El-Egiry

Sr. Director – Logistics and Campaigning

Eslam is a relatively younger member of the leadership team.  He holds an advanced business degree and has been involved with Technical Analytics and Logistical organizations in the past.  He has been most instrumental in leveraging customer relationship management applications such as Odoo and SalesForce to create stickability with the clientele.  This also includes sending out marketing campaigns.  His youthful energy brings unique vibrancy to the leadership team.

Ahmed Agrama

Sr. Director – Sales & Client Engagement Americas.

As the only member with an Engineering Background, Ahmed brings a unique set of skills to the leadership team. In addition to the engineering degree, he is also well versed in sales and marketing. He has been a sales leader in a variety of San Francisco/Bay Area Organizations. His experience ranges from computer hardware to pharmaceutical industries. He is best known for going above and beyond when it comes to catering to our clients concerns. Be it logistics or pricing, he has been instrumental in gaining the trust of our partners globally. This has resulted in Ameritek maintaining a healthy relationship with its network of Suppliers.

Noumaan Ahmed Khan

Sr. Director – Americas West Operations

Nouman has over 25 years of leadership experience in a variety of organizations ranging from CRM development to Automobile Industry in America. He holds an advanced degree in Business Management. He has been instrumental in bringing continuous process improvements that are both tangible and infinite in all the organizations that he has lead. He is most instrumental in developing and maintaining new client relationships. Last but not least his best performance is exhibited when faced with the toughest of deliverables.