We have an extensive network of suppliers and retailers of Home Textile and Apparel Industries. We specialize in bedding, decorative pillows, Towels, Denim and socks. We also have a fully dedicated team of product and design development professionals.  Our team is fully equipped to provide catalogue samples based on your product specifications. (More on sourcing services Here)

Finally, we also sell the aforementioned to retail.  We are always in sync with market insight as well as the latest trends which give us a unique opportunity to sell fast and in large quantities.  Headquartered on the west coast, we are a full stack service provider enabling retailers, importers and vertical unit manufacturers run economies of scale.

More on our sourcing services here


Computer Hardware

We are a California based US importer of computer Hardware with a dedicated team of used computer specialists. We deal in all kinds of computer hardware ranging from accessories and peripherals to complete desktop sets and personal laptops. Our products are of top notch quality with a special eye towards procuring the best brands and latest models of machines. Although we value latest product lines but we don’t overlook product to price mix. Rest assured, you can expect us to deliver anything from 7800 machines all the way to Intel’s latest i9 machines in the most affordable price range.

computer hardware


We have an established network of representatives that can cross sell and/or procure eatable commodities on wholesale as well as retail level globally. Our team has actual footings in North Americas as well as Asia. We are uniquely positioned to enact as your preferred export trading merchant in various commodities such as Himalayan Salt, Canadian Lentils, Asian Rice, and sugar to name a few.



We also have a dedicated team of metal brokers that can cater to your scrap metal needs. We have contacts with various metal recycling companies that deal in cold steel scrap. We deal in steel, aluminum and copper manufacturers but we are willing to help you find other metal scrap if need be. We can deliver to varying sizes of basic steel making ranging from mini mills all the way to large scale EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) enabled mills.